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THE Fat Gripz Review After 9 Months Use

I heard about these fat gripz as being the latest fitness fad. A piece of rubber that will revolutionize your workouts "fat gripz" . Yeah right I thought! I’ll file this one away under “15 minutes of fame” along with all the other fads that have come along recently. What a waste of money and gym time!

You know the ones, they’ll make you “stronger” and “leaner” than anything else, oh but don’t forget the feature you’ll use the most....they fold down so they won’t take up much space when they’re relegated to the garage next month!

So along comes Fat Gripz. Yet another fad to review. Now, we don’t write reviews after 1 or 5 or even 30 workouts with a product, we write them after we’ve used that product in our workout for months. You don’t get results in 1 workout, how could you possibly write a review after 1 workout? So here we go gym time wasted reviewing another fad product.

Fat Gripz fit around any normal bar or dumbbell and make the grip wider (all in about 2.5 inches). The bigger grip makes it more difficult to hold so your arms have to work harder and this is meant to result in greater gains. Or so they say...

Well, despite my overwhelming cynicism of 2 pieces of rubber I wanted to give them a controlled test and so have been insanely careful to not change my upper body workout for the last 9 months!! Yes, 9 months!! All I have done is simply incorporate Fat Gripz in my upper workout.

How’d I get on? Well, after a few workouts my arms were beat. It definitely works them harder there’s no question of that, but will that result in any muscles growth?

And as much as it pains me to say it..... over the 9 months I’ve had the greatest gains of my life! And I’m 30 and have been working out for 15 years!

It has long been my aim to get my arms (combined) bigger than my waist (I call it the arms race, thanks) because it means building LEAN MUSCLE MASS. I didn’t want to gain muscle and fat, what good is that?
But over the last 9 months I’ve blown that goal out of the water! My waist is 30 inches and my arms have ballooned up to 34 inches (17 inches each). For a lean guy that’s plenty big to look ripped. I’ll stress it again I didn’t change my workout or diet in any significant way, all I did was add Fat Gripz!

So, would I recommend them? With gains like that, yes, but to answer your next question do I think they’re pricey? Yes.

Is it worth the money.....? YES. It’s about the same as a tub of protein shake. Will it get your more gains than that tub?...definitely.

So, you know what I hate even more than fitness fads? That one that actually works! It makes me, “the cynical fitness guy” look bad. So check out a pair and they’re latest prices here, but whatever you do just don’t tell anyone I told you, I’ve got a reputation to keep!!

Fat Gripz In Ironman Magazine

The awesome Ironman Magazine has written an article under"Fast Muscle Building Tips" called:

"Basic Concepts for Lean Mass Gains – Grip Training for Upper Body Power"

Their Tip Number 2 says:

"Invest in a pair of Fat Gripz and use them on just about any upper body movement. You’ll find that this tip alone will improve your grip and upper body power immensely."

If you want to see the gains that they have check out here for YOUR Fat Gripz.

Fat Gripz Reviews from Customers

Here are the latest reviews of Fat Gripz customers:

“I just received my Fat Gripz today. I immediately fitted them to my Monster Forearm bar.
Wow! Just WOW! Can't wait to try them on the chinning bar” – Daniel327

“it definitely seems like it would. you would have to tease up your whole arm to hold onto a bigger handle like that. just seems like the fat gripz are a better idea. wouldn't want to put a cone shaped handle on the BB for benching” - gmen5681

“I have had the Fat Gripz since x-mas and like them a lot. I use them on Bench, DB, Lat P/D, and any thing else I can think to play with........I would 100% recommend you getting at least a pair of the FGZ you will not be disappointed.” – Andre518

“I like the fat gripz. I got them a year ago and really like them. I have not used the tyler grips but a good friend of mine tries to say they are better because they don't stay on as well, are more squishy and require you to grip harder. I think the fat gripz make it like a fat bar, I dont want a squishy bar” – KingNS
Fat Gripz Review
“Been using Fat Gripz and I love them!” – Dpaz51

“I agree, they are worth the money and will last you a lifetime if you take care of them. You will learn over time that sometimes it is worth it to pay for something up front rather then suffering through make shift items. In the end, you wonder why you didn't spend the money in the first place” – Fishingeek

“I own a pair of Fat Gripz, you can tell they definitely work when your lifting, my forearms are improving because of them” - Welsh

Fatgripz are gangster! I routinely train with the grapple grip, which is hot in its own right, but i prefer the FG'z. I tried the homegrown versions with the vent tubing and all that mess. The FG'z are high density material. Theyre not likely to wear out. I use them for everything. I put them on the handles of the cables when im pulling the sled full of fat chicks, on the VPS suspension cables...all that. MY JJ grip is getting hellish and my forearms look stupid. Ive heard people say that the FG'z can mitigate shoulder pain when benching. I just recovered from another acromial separation and i can say i must agree. I dont know why but i feel much less benching pain. My initial thought was the same as ol'boys "40 bucks on some plastic!", but theyve paid for themselves. I was humiliated in the cage doing rack pulls. I got up to 3 wheels for a single with FG'z and 5 and quarter for a triple without them. Somewhere in all this mess the grips lags behind big time. Theyre worth every penny” – Dekka213

“for the 35 bucks you cant go wrong with fat gripz” - Tombro

Fat Gripz Phone Number

We know lots of you folks are looking for more information about Fat Gripz. We're affiliates of Fat Gripz and while we love hearing from the people that have already bought them about progress with them in their Fat Gripz Workouts, we also like to help out in return.

So, if you are trying to get hold of information about Fat Gripz and some have been asking for the Fat Gripz phone number then get in touch with us at:

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Fat Gripz Diameter

Many people ask, what's the Fat Gripz diameter?

They're about 2.3 inches in diameters. Yep, that measurement doesn't mean a great deal to us either, so here's a better one, they're the same width as an iPhone 4. We'll put up a photo in a moment to show you.

And remember to check the latest Fat Gripz Price Here:

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We understand that lots of you have questions about Fat Gripz that you'd like answered before you buy.

As we know the founders of Fat Gripz very well and we've used Fat Gripz for over 2 years, we can help answer these questions.

So with this in mind and wanting to satisfy the insatiable demand for this infomation, we've set up an email that we will be monitoring every day to answer your questions.

- What are Fat Gripz made from?
- How big are they?
- Can they be shipped to my country?
- What exercises can I do with them?

The email address is:

Feel free to get in touch. You want answers?! We gotst answers!!

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Fat Gripz

Want to know the vital stats on Fat Gripz? Check out this graphic.

Lots of people ask about their durability, so the best way to demonstrate that is with a photo, I've been using these for about 2 years now and they look new. Importantly there's no compression at all and they grip the bar as solidly as the day I got them, incredible really:

Forearms Exercises

Forearm strength is needed not only to allow balance in the upper body allowing muscle growth through the arms and shoulders, it is also needed for grip strength in sports like tennis, golf, baseball, basketball etc.
Here are the top 3 forearm exercises. With each of these we recommend the use of Fat Gripz. These will target your forearms much more intensely getting you results much quicker:
  1. Dumbbell wrist curl (Palms down)
For this you need to rest your forearms on a bench with your hands off the other side with your palms facing the ground. Holding a dumbbell, you lift the weight as high as possible (forearms always touching the bench) and then lower as far as possible. Do this with a weight that you can lift between 10-15 times. Start with 3 sets and go from there.
  1. Barbell wrist curl (Palms up)
Similar to the dumbbell wrist curl, but with your palms up this time and we find it best holding a barbell rather than dumbbells. Lift and lower 10-15 times. Again 3 sets to start and adjust depending upon your own performance.
  1. Reverse barbell curl (Palms down)

This exercise is standing (no bench needed) and you must keep your back straight throughout. Grip the barbell with an overhand grip. Tuck your elbows into your sides and lift the barbell up towards your chest, hold it for a moment and lower it down. You will need to be careful with your back during this exercise and you may find your biceps fatigue before your forearms. Fat Gripz are particularly useful in this exercise as they work your forearms much more than they would on a thin grip.

Your grip binds you to the weights, racket, bat, club, you name it. Why wouldn't you want that to be strong? So go and make sure your grip's stronger next month and see how it improves your game.

Fat Gripz Results And Customer Comments Update

Here's our weekly update on a few of the latest things which have been said about Fat Gripz:

"Just had my first workout with fat sold! 100% a elbow pain!" - BIGHAMBLY (Twitter)

"These things will make your grip strength go through the roof." -
Nomak666 (

"I like the Fat Gripz. My grip strength wasn't a hinderence at the time but by strengthening my hands and forearms they relieved a lengthy bout of tendinitis in my wrist." - Salisboss (

"I have the fat gripz and like them a lot." - Rubadub (

"What can i say. Theyre pretty awesome. They fit all the 1 inch diameter dumbells at the gym and most cable attachments. The do not fit on my Ironmaster dumbells. When i say "fit", that is, they dont close all the way. Theyre very tough material that reminds me of the same kind of rubber that racket balls are made of. Pullups with them are evil as are hammer curls. Ive heard people say they were sore for days but i didnt feel that at all. I always do ancillary grip training anyhow so that might be it. I thought 30Bucks was steep for some rubber bike handles, lol, but i never train bis without them. Mos def worth it." - Dekka213 (

"Ive recently declared war on my girly forearms and have been trying everything I possibly could including throwing away my straps for DLing, Rows, Shrugs etc. I do static holds, gorilla hangs, wrist roller, reverse curls, captains of crush, plate pinches and all that kinda ****. Today I received my Fat Gripz in the mail

Shipping - 10/10, I ordered them Friday night and they arrived yesterday in the mail

Durability - 10/10 - very solid, easy to use, these do not feel cheap

Overall use in workout - 10/10 - I was only planning on using them for rows, curls, and other back/bicep exercises but I heard try them on everything and since im doing a full body routine now I did. Fat gripz on flat barbell felt amazing. It was like the pressure was taken off of my shoulders and triceps and I benched much smoother and controlled than I usually do. I did pretty much the same weight as I usually do. Military Press felt same effects as Bench.

Fat Gripz on rows made it much harder. I usually do 90s for DB rows but I was struggling with 70s with fat gripz. No problem since I warmed up on that weight then took them off and did my normal weight. During hammer curls it looked like I was using parts of my forearms I never knew I had. New veins were popping out and they were definitely getting a harder workout than usual.

I have horrible forearm genetics, my left wrist is 5.5 inch to give you the idea at 6' 195 pretty lean. Im not a product rep of any kind but these are a must have for anyone regardless of whether your forearms need it or not. I carry around a little gym bag with me while I workout and these are now a permanent part of that.

10/10 must buy" - Fuddrucker (

Shaking Hands with a Ninja

In the years we’ve all been working out we try to add weight, reps and difficulty to all areas of our training. We think about and add resistance to the various muscle groups in order to develop them. So ask yourself....what have you done to progress your grip strength during your training years?
Probably very little, if anything. So why is grip so neglected?
In most training circles it is because workout time is limited and the more obvious areas are focused on, but there are certain groups of athletes which focus heavily on grip and it is to the benefit of their whole upper body. One of groups of athletes is martial artists. Why? Because a large proportion of techniques in martial arts like jiu jitsu and judo require good grip strength. It also increases fire power, punches, palm strikes etc as well as working to prevent wrist and hand injuries.
The martial artists here often base their workouts around grip strength because they know how it improves their whole upper body. Exercises often used to improve grip strength are fingertips press ups, chins ups with towels and reverse curls.
These have now, though, been largely replaced with thick bar training. Whilst fingertip press ups are still used the additional muscle gains are greater from thick bar training because of the easier manipulation and increase of weight during a workout.
So folks, that vice-like hand shake you get when you meet another martial artist is only going to get firmer in the coming years as fat bar training with tools like Fat Gripz becomes more prevalent.

Fat Gripz Video Contest

Fat Gripz is running a competition for the best video of people training with Fat Gripz. The winner will receive $1,000. Check out some of the entries right here:

Fat Bar Training Tips

...and we agree with the comments, chin ups with Fat Gripz are "BRUTAL"!


Tim Ferriss Loves Fat Gripz

Well folks you all know Tim Ferriss, fitness and lifestyle design guru. Wired magazine called him the "The Superman of Silicon Valley" because of the way he hacks the human body into shape. He is the author of one of the greatest books ever written in our view The 4-Hour Work Week and has just released his new book The 4-Hour Body.

He loves Fat Gripz and they're part of his "Top Secret Contents of a Mad Scientists Gym Bag" check out the article on

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